P450 protein expression and purification
23 Feb 2024
Cytochrome P450 is a vast enzyme superfamily that utilizes heme as a cofactor. It plays crucial roles in detoxification of xenobiotics, drug interactions, and endocrine functions, serving as drug targets and participating in various drug interactions. The purification of P450 proteins typically involves membrane protein purification methods, which present certain challenges in obtaining active proteins during the protein expression and purification process, as well as in isolating and purifying complexes that bind specific cofactors. ReadCrystal has completed the expression and purification of multiple P450 proteins, accumulating considerable experience in the expression and purification of this class of proteins. Additionally, they have accumulated literature-based crystallization experience for such projects, enabling them to shorten project delivery times to 1-2 months and ensuring successful project delivery to meet the needs of pharmaceutical research and development enterprises.


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