Protein <span>Production</span>

Protein Production


Discover our comprehensive protein expression and purification solution
  • Step1
    Gene synthesis
  • Step2
    Construct design
  • Step3
  • Step4
    Protein expression
  • Step5
    Protein purification
  • Step6
    Quality control
  • Our Expression Systems

    Full suite of expression systems:
    E.coli expression system: BL21, Rossetta, T7, etc.
    Insect cells expression system: Sf9, Sf21, High Five, etc.
    Mammalian cells expression system: HEK293, CHO, etc.

    > 20 vectors suitable for different expression systems

    > 20 purification tags for next purification step

  • Our Purification Systems

    Integrated chromatographic purification techniques: affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and size-exclusion chromatography

    ÄKTA purification equipment

    Guaranteed Protein Purity Over 90%

We offer

“ crystallographicgrade recombinantprotein ”
  • >90% purity

  • Kinase, GTPase, methyltransferase, transcription factor, nuclear receptor, immune checkpoint, etc.

  • Suitable for protein crystallization, protein-small molecule co-crystallization

  • Suitable for biophysical techniques and biochemical assays

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