Structure determination by MicroED
02 Feb 2024
  • Structure Determination of nanocrystalline eutectic drug
    Tramadol-Celecoxib hydrochloride eutectic is composed of two analgesic drugs in a molar ratio of 1:1. Because of the huge difference in molecular weight between the two APIs, it took a huge amount of time and effort to figure out the experimental conditions for the eutectic and to cultivate large size single crystals. ReadCrystal obtained 500 nm x 100 nm crystals in just one week by using vapor diffusion method to cultivate single crystals, and then collected MicroED diffraction data directly on the electron microscope to achieve the structure determination of tramadol-celecoxib hydrochloride.

  • Chirality confirmation of nanocrystalline compounds
    The absolute conformation of chiral drugs is crucial to the safety of the drugs. Currently, the chiral confirmation of compounds is generally solved by growing large-sized single crystals and X-ray diffraction. ReadCrystal provide MicroED-based chiral confirmation of nanocrystals through self-developed structure refinement algorithm.
    L-Tartaric acid
    Tartaric acid is a natural product widely found in fruits with two mutually symmetric chiral carbons, three spin isomers. It is often used as a raw material in the pharmaceutical industry. The chiral structure of tartaric acid makes it a very important chiral ligand and chiral substrate in organic synthesis, which can be used to prepare many well-known chiral catalysts and as a chiral source to synthesize complex natural product molecules.

    Levetiracetam is a new generation of highly effective anti-epileptic drugs with a promising market in the pharmaceutical field. As a synthetic drug, the key to the synthesis process is to control the optical purity of the levoracetam isomer. With the continuous development of chemical processes, chiral synthesis means as a new method to promote the progress of levetiracetam synthesis process.

    Structure determination of each pure form in mixed crystal forms
    When multiple mixtures are crushed and dispersed on the copper grid of the electron microscope, the particles of various compounds can be clearly observed under the electron microscope, and the tiny crystal particles among them are selected to collect diffraction data by MicroED. By determining the single cell parameters, the identity of each compound can be quickly distinguished, and the crystal structure of each compound can be obtained after structural analysis.

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